Our Vision

Paradisekids Child centre is a place where children, teenagers and adults learn to get to know themselves. Within the child centre the emphasis in laid on finding your own truth and joy of living. In this centre individual support and workshops are given so that adults, teenagers and children can improve their health and well-being.

We live in an era in which the world constantly changes and many children seem to show this now.
Structures, such as for example the school structure, norms and values which were normal many years ago, are challenged these days.

In the meantime there are a large number of children who are conscious of themselves and organize the world rather intuitively than logic-analytically. Because of this, it is sometimes hard for them to meet the demands which for example are valid at school.

These children follow their own developmental path and sometimes confuse us since they can't always be pigeon-holed. Mostly, it concerns a difference in development between physical, social-emotional, psychological or intuitive qualities.

They can be very sensitive to impressions from the visible and invisible world. Amongst others, this is shown by sensing atmospheres and by sensing other people's energy. Their behaviour often forms a mirror for the others around them.

The inner state and perception of children isn't always recognized and acknowledged in daily reality. This might cause doubt and they might get scared or frustrated. This is an important reason why more and more children show learning- and behavioural difficulties.

These children are sometimes wrongly labeled by people that are trying to help, since people assume an underlying problem instead of underlying qualities.
Problems can be prevented or solved by giving children recognition and acknowledgement.

Deep inside us we can find all the answers to our questions and if we contact our own essence, a sense of freedom and compassion for life will arise.

Children and adults that contact their essence often describe this feeling as 'in paradise' and notice that it is possible to live from this happy feeling.

Paradisekids child centre helps children and adults to contact their essence so they learn to use their freedom and compassion as their strength.
Children will then function as positive mirrors for people around them and will help others to live in joy and freedom.

Copyright text and photos Yvonne Weeseman (p)© 2016