Inner Journey for Teens Workshop

The Inner Journey for Teens (13-18 years old)

The "Inner Journey for Teens workshop" is a special day for teenagers who want to get to know themselves and want to free their inner potential.

Sometimes we experience things in live that are difficult to process. Some experiences seem significant and others seem insignificant. These experiences can become baggage which we carry with us. The more baggage we can let go of, the better we will feel.

The "Inner Journey for Teens Workshop" is a fantastic opportunity for teenagers to process what is already stored in their consciousness so they can leave it behind.
They free themselves from old painful thoughts and feelings.

We use The Inner Journey method developed by Yvonne Weeseman & Maarten van Steenis. The Inner Journey method has proven to be very effective in processing blocks. During the Inner Journey process teenagers access specific memories which have created emotional or physical blocks in their lives.

By accessing emotions and corresponding memories, and by expressing what has not been expressed in the past, teenagers are able to forgive themselves and others, and old patterns are loosened and disappear.

Who is it for?

The Inner Journey for Teens Workshop is suitable for all teenagers who want to free their own potential and are prepared to be honest with themselves. This workshop is for teenagers who want to extend their life skills. For those who want to feel happy!
They will get familiar with the Inner Journey process so they can use it at home with parents, family and friends.

Feedback from teenagers after attending an Inner Journey for Teens workshop:

I can decide to feel happy again!
I can express my feelings now.
I look forward to new things, the fear has gone.
I know that in the end forgiveness is the easiest route.
I know who I AM !
I can carry healing (which I have experienced) to others
I feel self-confident!!!
I want to help my friends with this method
Wow, it works!

In previous years teenagers have worked successfully on the following issues (which almost everyone meets in life)

-Fear of failure and other fears
-Eating and sleeping difficulties
-Improving self-confidence
-Difficulties in making friends
-Physical pain or disease
-Bullying and being bullied
-How to live with high sensitivity
-To connect with authority
-To handle pressure from school/home
-To wholesomely deal with sexuality

During the day we do role play, drawing, painting, craft-work massage, meditation and visualization.

In this way we get to know our inner friend, connect to the qualities we have inside and deepen our contact with our source.

The teenagers get the support they need from the trainers and get to know new friends.

In the afternoon the teenagers will receive and facilitate an Inner Journey process. They will choose which trainer they prefer to work with during their process. During an extensive instruction teenagers will learn how to receive and facilitate an Inner Journey process. The trainer will then guide them through an Inner Journey process. After this first process they change roles. The teenager will now guide the trainer through the Inner Journey process.
In this way they will learned how to use this method and will be able to works with friends and family. Many teenagers successfully do this and have lots of fun!

Yvonne Weeseman & Maarten van Steenis organize and facilitate these workshops internationally and developed the Inner Journey for Teens workshop several years ago (click on Yvonne Weeseman to read more).

Our adult trainers who support the workshops are people with a loving heart. The trainers have completed the Journey Practitioners Programme or are currently attending the Programme. They have experienced the effect of Journey processes themselves and really love to share this healing experience. They support the teenagers, participate in the workshop and enjoy a beautiful healing day.
Parents are not present during the workshops. In the morning there is an opportunity (5-10 minutes when arriving in time) to have a look around. For explanation why parents can not be present during the day see the FAQ -workshops (question 4)

The group composition guarantees safety for everyone. There will be plenary instruction and subsequently we work in subgroups of 4-5 teenagers with supervision of 4-5 trainers for each group.
This creates an atmosphere with a lot of space for everyone.
We create a nurturing, supportive and safe environment that encourages healing and growth.


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The price for a workshop is 115 per person.

Teenagers who have been to an Inner Journey for Teens workshop before are so enthusiastic that they tell everybody what they have done, want to do it with other teenagers and often want to come again and again!
The resit rate is 90 per person.

The day starts at 10 am and finishes at 5 pm.
Maximum group size is 16 teenagers.

The group is supported by adult trainers. We have 1 trainer for every teenager.

Fill out your name, E-Mail address, Phone number and your childs' name on the Contact page. (When you are between 13-18 years old, fill out your own name and age)
We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to know if an Inner Journey for Teens workshop is suitable for you (if you are a teenager) or your child (if you are a parent) please check the FAQ and Testimonial pages first. Your question most likely will be answered here. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact:
Paradisekids Child Centre
Maarten van Steenis & Yvonne Weeseman
Tel: +31 627 28 28 65

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