Kids Workshop Massage and Yoga

The Kids Workshop Massage and Yoga is a special day for children who would like to learn massage and healing techniques, want to take care of their body and love to help others by using their healing hands.

Children learn with their body. Our intentions and non verbal communication are easily experienced physically. We can store these communications as blueprints and memories in our body.
Massage for children is not focused on manipulation of the muscles. Through gentle touch and loving attention children become conscious of their body. This causes self-assurance and gives a warm sense of connection.
Massage strengthens and makes children less vulnerable, the immune system is strengthened, stress is reduced and a deep relaxation arises.
When children massage each other, they will sense safety and warmth created through their touch.

The workshop combines massage, touch and yoga exercises with play and movement. Children are playful and lively, creative and have a vivid fantasy and like to use their fantasy when exercising their body.
Moving and doing yoga exercises supports a supple spinal column, strengthens the muscles, and creates physical balance. By doing Yoga and breathing exercises children develop rhythm and self-control. Special exercises, sometimes in pairs, stimulate their social skills. They will feel more confident and centered in their body.

The Workshop
This playful workshop teaches various massage and healing techniques. Above all the children learn to approach others with great care and sensitivity. We work with visualization, the aura and the energy flows of our hands.

The children will realize the importance to take good care of their bodies. They will be taught how to “center” themselves and to release hidden tension in a natural way.
We will also use drawing, dance and relaxation exercises. Children learn how to use essential oils and how to blend healing massage oil, which they can use at home.

By the end of the workshop children are able to practice healing massage treatments to others.

Who is it for?
The Massage and Yoga workshop is open to all children who attended the workshop “The Inner Journey for Kids” and are between 7-12 years.
The Inner Journey for Kids Workshop prepares them and teaches the basics for the “Massage and Yoga workshop”
It is suitable for children who would like to learn massage and healing techniques, want to take care of their body and love to help others by using their healing hands during a massage.

The children work in small groups and in couples. During the workshop we keep our clothes on. We only pull off our socks so that the children can learn to know a number of foot reflex zones (Connections between feet and other organs in the body). The oil is used on the feet and head.

Yvonne Weeseman organizes and facilitates these workshops internationally and developed this workshop several years ago (click on Yvonne Weeseman to read more).

Our adult trainers who support the workshops are people with a loving heart. The trainers have completed the Journey Practitioners Programme or are currently attending the Programme. They have experienced the effect of Journey processes themselves and really love to share this healing experience. They support the children, participate in the workshop and enjoy a beautiful healing day.
Parents are not present during the workshops. In the morning there is an opportunity (5-10 minutes when arriving in time) to have a look around. For explanation why parents can not be present during the day see the FAQ -workshops (question 4)

The group composition guarantees safety for all children. There will be plenary instruction and subsequently we work in subgroups of 4-5 children with supervision of 2-3 trainers for each group.
This creates an atmosphere with a lot of space for everyone.
We create a nurturing, supportive and safe environment that encourages healing and growth.


Workshop date
Please Check the blue bar.

The price for a workshop is £ 95 per child.

The day starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm.
Maximum group size is 16 children.

Fill out your name, E-Mail address, Phone number and son’s/daughter’s name on the contact page. We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to know if this workshop is suitable for your child please check the FAQ and Testimonial pages first. Your question most likely will be answered here. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact:

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