The Highly Sensitive Children Workshop

This workshop is especially for (highly) sensitive children between 7-12 years old.
Highly sensitive children observe all small nuances, changes, developments and stimuli both inside and around themselves.

High-sensitivity is a quality of the nervous system. A highly sensitive child’s nervous system is extremely sensitive. They are able to recognize and analyze incoming information more precise and on a deeper level. Processing information is more fine-tuned, complex and usually takes longer than in the average person. Sensory perceptions are processed in a more complex way.

These children are attentive, very sensitive to atmospheres and they often perfectly sense what others need. Often their sense of values is strongly developed and they can be focused on the depth of life. As they are conscious of any small nuances, they often are able to link things and come to survey-able solutions. They are often creative and have a strong bond with nature.

High-sensitivity hides a great talent. Children who manage to deal with their high-sensitivity in a positive way can turn their quality into a gift.

If you learn to use your inner strength, you will notice you can fine-tune your talents.
Unfortunately many high-sensitive children don’t know how to wholesomely deal with their highly-sensitive body. To process all the information takes them longer as they have much more to integrate. Many high-sensitive children feel overwhelmed by all stimuli which have to be processed. They often can not protect themselves against all this stimuli and get over-stimulated.

This might cause the child to become terrified, inhibited or nervous while these children are often sensing, smart, intuitive, creative and conscientious. Negative feelings like irritation, stomachache, headache, extreme tiredness, depression etc. can become predominant in the emotional life of a high-sensitive child.

It is essential for high-sensitive children to learn how to deal with their high-sensitive body. Learning to deal wholesomely with themselves can bring a lot of energy and happiness in their life!!!

The Workshop
This playful workshop teaches children how they can deal wholesomely with their high-sensitivity. We use various playful and powerful skills including role play, drawing, massage, music, dance, visualizations and parts of the Inner Journey process we developed for this workshop.

These exercises help children to become aware of their own sensitivity and teach them how to deal wholesomely with their sensitivity.

Sometimes this means a child will withdraw consciously to protect itself from too many stimuli. At other times the child will be more towards and connect with others.
The workshop teaches children to stay more centered, more connected with their physical body. They will learn to recognize early signals of over-stimulation so they can take the right action to prevent it becoming a problem.

Who is it for?
This workshop is open to all sensitive children who attended the "The Inner Journey for Kids Workshop" or the “The Journey for Children Workshop” and are between 7-12 years . The Inner Journey for Kids Workshop prepares them and teaches the basics for the “High Sensitivity workshop”. For questions regarding entry level requirements please contact us.
This workshop is for children who want to extend their life skills. For children who want to feel happy!

Yvonne Weeseman organizes and facilitates these workshops internationally and developed this workshop several years ago (click on Yvonne Weeseman to read more).

Our adult trainers who support the workshops are people with a loving heart. The trainers have completed the Journey Practitioners Programme or are currently attending the Programme. They have experienced the effect of Journey processes themselves and really love to share this healing experience. They support the children, participate in the workshop and enjoy a beautiful healing day.
Parents are not present during the workshops. In the morning there is an opportunity (5-10 minutes when arriving in time) to have a look around. For explanation why parents can not be present during the day see the FAQ -workshops (question 4)

The group composition guarantees safety for all children. There will be plenary instruction and subsequently we work in subgroups of 4-5 children with supervision of 2-3 trainers for each group.
This creates an atmosphere with a lot of space for everyone. We create a nurturing, supportive and safe environment that encourages healing and growth.


Workshop date
Please Check the blue bar.

The price for a workshop is £ 95 per child.

The day starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm.
Maximum group size is 16 children.

Fill out your name, E-Mail address, Phone number and son’s/daughter’s name on the contact page. We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to know if this workshop is suitable for your child please check the FAQ and Testimonial pages first. Your question most likely will be answered here. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact:

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