Support for Parents

Parents can register their child at the Child Centre for individual and/or group sessions. It can be important for parents to work on their own issues too. The Child Centre also offers individual sessions for adults.
Raising children in a loving way can be quite a challenge.
Children act as a mirror for their parent's behaviour and they know how to trace uncertainties and issues in their mum and dad. When I work individually with a child I prefer to offer support to parents too.
Perhaps you, as a parent, have suppressed feelings within yourself which now rise to the surface while raising your child. You might recognize yourself in the behaviour of your child.
These issues are addressed in individual sessions.

Support for parents during the various therapies for children.

The child's support always starts with an intake phone call with the parent(s).

The intake phone call is prior to the child's therapy. We discuss concerns you have about your child, possible causes of your child's issues and what has already been tried at home or at school. During the conversation we will discuss suitable therapies and will agree the starting date of the chosen therapy.

If we expect your child's issues to be resolved within one or a few therapy sessions, we will immediately make a first appointment.

If it becomes clear your child suffers from a deep-seated issue, which is present in several areas of your child's life, I will send an extensive questionnaire regarding the development of your child. The questionnaire will be returned to me prior to the first therapy session. In this way I can prepare best to support your child.

The intake phone call can also clarify that the root of the problem is seated within the parent instead of the child. When a parent realizes this, we start sessions with the parent, and not directly with the child. A parent might have an Inner Journey process, or another type of therapy to heal inside first, before focusing on the child's support again.

During sessions with parents the following issues usually arise:
. communication issues
. connecting with your child
. learning to understand your own feelings and the feelings of your children
. recognizing defense mechanisms and dealing adequately upon them
. educational goals and the influence of our own childhood
. dealing with your own pain and trauma

Parents can also choose to learn the Inner Journey method, so they can use this method to help themselves, family, friends and their children by attending the Advanced Skills Work with Children workshop.

The goal of the Advanced Skills Work with Children workshop is both to learn skills how to support your child as well as to improve your connection with yourself, to resolve old pain and traumas, to learn to relax and to live from a peace within.
When it is clear to you what you feel inside, it will be easier to communicate with your children. Many parents noticed by attending the workshop for adults all kinds of issues their children had, changed and even disappeared.

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