The Inner Journey

A healing guided introspection

Below you will find information about the Inner Journey method, also called Inner Journey therapy. On you will find additional information about the journey process and research about cellular healing.

Over the last years scientific evidence has accumulated stating that memory isn't only stored in our brains, but is also located in every single body cell. It is a fact now that memories from emotional events can become fixed in the albumin structures of our cells. Our body consists for 70 percent of water. It is now known that the molecular structure of water changes in response to positive and negative emotions.
Based on this knowledge we have combined regression therapy insights with somatic experience in our Inner Journey processes. Inner Journey therapy is very effective; both on emotional and cellular level and enables you to set yourself free from old emotional blocks and their physical and psychological consequences.

How does it work?
At the Child Centre The Inner Journey process is facilitated individually. With your eyes closed (and a wakeful consciousness) you will contact emotions like stress, fear, grief etc. and the linked memories which have been stored in the body. These emotions are placed as energy peels around your actual core, the essence of our being.

Connect with your own essence
During the Inner Journey process you will connect with your essence, this is a joyful and healing experience.
You will contact old emotions and corresponding memories. Through really expressing everything which could not have been expressed before, you will free yourself from old pain. By finally forgiving yourself and others from the heart, the anchors of the past will be loosened. At a physical level this allows old albumin structures filled with memories, to disintegrate and new healthy cells can arise. In this way a real renewal and healing will take place.

Various Inner Journey Processes
There are many different Inner Journey processes. We tailor the processe to the specific needs of the client. An Inner Journey process for a child (5-12 years old) usually takes one hour.
An Inner Journey process for adults usually takes 2-3 hours. Sometimes one session is enough and sometimes more sessions are necessary to handle a deep-seated problem. The Inner Journey also works successfully as a preventative or after-care, for example 2-4 times a year.
This internal guided introspection will connect you with your own inner wisdom. You will gain understanding and answers to matters from the past or challenges which play a part in your current life.
You don't have to try as hard as you can or force anything. The Inner Journey is guided by the wisdom of your own essence.

The healing which takes place as a result of the Inner Journey process is caused by your own self-healing ability. In all cases there is more peace with yourself and with your situation after the Inner Journey process.

During an Inner Journey process you will uproot your own convictions and falsehoods which have determined your life so far. More and more, you will learn to live from your own truth and you will start to live life with a natural ease.

In advance you can never predict the results of an Inner Journey process. Recovery from physical pain or psychological pain often holds a prominent place. During an Inner Journey process people often discover a deeper compassion for themselves.

Without affecting the essence of the method, the process is adapted to your wishes and possibilities so that the maximum result can be achieved.

An Inner Journey process doesn't replace other regular therapies. Always consult a GP in case you have doubts concerning the cause of physical complaints. You can then choose your own path towards healing. An Inner Journey process can be an enormous helping hand on your healing path.  
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