Massage for Children

Children learn with their body. Our intentions and non verbal communication are easily experienced physically. We can store these communications as blueprints and memories in our body.

Massage for children is not focused on manipulation of the muscles. Through gentle touch and loving attention children become conscious of their body. This causes self-assurance and gives a warm sense of connection.

Massage strengthens and makes children less vulnerable, the immune system is strengthened, stress is reduced and a deep relaxation arises.

Massage can also help when the child wants to resolve painful events. Massage can be healing and effective to:
. Improve body awareness
. Make cold hands and/or feet warm
. Let go of old behavior
. Find a deeper connection within yourself
. Experience a sense of well-being and relaxation

In the Child Centre massage is used as a short treatment adapted to the needs of the child, which is also actively involved in it. We work with natural oils and essential oils which suit the child's nature.

Massage has proven to be effective with hyperactive children. Children will often experience relaxation while receiving a massage. A massage can help highly sensitive children to experience their own physical boundaries.

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