Information for YOU

Hello !

Perhaps your parents want to register you for an Inner Journey process or another Child Centre activity.
Maybe you have heard of the Child Centre through a friend and you want to know if this is something you like.

Or you might just be curious.

There is a lot to tell about the Child Centre. But the most important thing is that the activities we offer are fun and you will learn to get to know yourself!

You can feel at ease and be yourself with us at the Child Centre and you can do or say the things you want to do or say. Some children only want to play; some children draw and others only talk. Everything is possible. What would you like to do?

While playing, talking, listening and drawing you are actually working to achieve your own goal. This goal could be anything. To give you an idea, below you will find some issues which can be solved with an Inner Journey process or children's therapy:

. Unhappy feelings: hurt, anger, loneliness, homesickness, being bullied or...unhappy thoughts: not being able to feel happy, not knowing what you want, thinking that everything will go wrong or is your fault..

. Being afraid: of a classroom presentation, swimming lesson, having to go somewhere alone, afraid in the dark, worrying about something, the hospital or..

. Unhappy things: bed-wetting, nightmares, headache, stomachache, eczema, hyperventilation or....

. Not knowing how to make friends, being shy, getting angry, lying, stealing or..

. Not being able to stop: thumb sucking, nail-biting, eating candy, gnashing your teeth, or something else, no matter how hard you try.

Does something like this challenge you too? Or perhaps something else, which I haven't written down here?
Or do you think it is your father's, mother's, brother's or sister's problem, or someone else's?
Another interesting thing to know: you decide what you want to resolve in the Child Centre! Your parents often have an idea, but this sometimes doesn't match your reality.

How does it work?

If you really want to come to the Child Centre, I will first talk to your parents. Your parents will tell me many things about you and about them selves. They will also explain to me why they think the Child Centre can help you (and maybe them as well).

Then, you will come to us once (or several times) to do a Journey process, to attend an Inner Journey day, to play, to talk or whatever you like. During these sessions it will automatically become clear what you wish to change and how you want to do this.

If we have met a couple of times, I will talk to your parents again. In those conversations I will teach your parents how they can help you to achieve your goal.
You decide what your parents are allowed to know (or not know) about what we do in therapy. In fact, everything you say or do is private!

Goal achieved!

Once we have completed our time together, it is time to party. You have then reached your own goal, in your own way! It is therefore logical that you decide the contents of the final session: you might want to decorate the whole room or change it, make a souvenir or perhaps you only want to play games and eat cake.

After therapy you are always welcome to come back. You can call or email us.
If you want me to support you to resolve something that bothers you, you can call me. Phone number: +31-627 28 28 65

Of course you can also send me an E-Mail:
I will reply to your email as soon as possible. Please mention in your email what bothers you, your forename and your age


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