The Inner Journey process

Issues that can be resolved

The Inner Journey process is suitable for adults, teenagers and children. Whether you want to look at a physical or emotional issue, at negative behavioural patterns, or you want to support yourself in your own growth, an Inner Journey process can be a helping hand.
The Inner Journey process is suitable for everyone who strives for healing from the inside out and is prepared to invest in their own growth. You don't necessarily have to struggle with a painful issue to do an Inner Journey process. Some people consider it to be a regular "clean-up" They take good care of their body and inner world. The Inner Journey can be combined perfectly with other diagnostic and medical treatments.

With the Inner Journey process thousands of people have freed themselves from both emotional and physical issues including amongst others:

.Low self esteem
.Chronic Pain
.Eczema, asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome
.Depression, burn-out, chronic tiredness
.Relationship and fertility issues
.Grief and guilt
.Sexual or Physical abuse
.Fear and Anxiety
.Sleeping problems
.Stagnation in personal growth

An Inner Journey process helps if you are really prepared to leave old emotional baggage behind you, and want to get to know the essence and the potential inside yourself.

An Inner Journey process doesn't replace other regular therapies. Always consult a GP in case you have doubts concerning the cause of physical complaints. You can then choose your own path towards healing. An Inner Journey process can be an enormous helping hand on your healing path.

In some cases the Inner Journey process is not advisable, for example in case of returning psychosis or certain psychological syndromes. When making an appointment it is important to be honest about your own situation, so we can discuss in which way we can best support you.
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